Live life with intention

If you feel that you have more to give, or that you could be getting more out of life, you are undoubtedly right! Life is a journey, sometimes it flows with ease, and sometimes it requires a little extra effort.

At Jubenescence, we have created a series of programmes that are specifically designed to enable you to become stronger in mind, body and spirit. We have specifically adopted this approach because we understand that our mind, body and soul don’t operate independently, they are interlinked. By working and focussing effort on all of these domains you have the best chance of making positive, enduring changes that will take you further than you’ve been before.

Let your journey start now

What kind of journey would you like to take?

We’ve developed three options for you to choose from

1. Our full journey programme – starts with a deep dive into understanding self, using well established and validated tools. We build action plans that help you make immediate positive change. The programme is interlaced with physical training and guidance as well as exploring your relationship with nutrition. The goal, to establish a deeper understanding of self and establish improved positive habits towards exercise and food.

2. Take a shorter journey with us – choose your areas of interest from the list of available options and build a programme that you feel suits your needs best.

3. Take smaller steps – choose an individual area to focus on. Take a journey at your pace.

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A Distinctly Different Wellness Retreat

Our group Wellness Retreat nourishes the body, mind and spirit; where you will gain renewed vitality and personal growth insights through a series of activities and workshops. Held at the prestigious Henley Hall, in the beautiful Shropshire countryside, you will experience a health and wellbeing reboot and will take home a fresh mindset of living a life of vitality, greater wellbeing and fulfilment.

Our retreat has been designed specifically to build your strength through your mind, body and soul.

We will exercise you, feed you, teach and coach you, relax you and challenge you. We’re convinced you will go home with new skills, knowledge and most importantly some self made commitments to live life with intention.

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Live life with intention