Are you ready to start a journey that defines the rest of your life…?

There is a reality that many of us will have the fortune of living a longer life.

Life expectancy is rising and people are waking up to the fact that they want their lives to be different.
Recent events globally have increasingly shone the light on this. People are yearning for clarity and a clear sense of direction to make the most of this incredible gift – TIME!

We have to be happy, healthy, life needs to feel meaningful.

Jubenesence is about living with intention.

We enable your dreams

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Who are we?

Matt and Paula, the founders of Jubenescence both led business and people in the corporate space for over 20 years.

Through their years of business and more recent extensive training in coaching, resilience, coherent breathing and well-being, their passion is to now share this wonderful life-changing experience with others.

Jubenesence is a play on the word Juvenesence which is about becoming young. We believe that becoming young in our mindset, approach and well-being are essential to enable long, meaningful, healthy and happy lives.

Our story

We do this in three ways:

1. Designing life’s Possibilities

2. Physical Health and Well Being

3. Proactive Resilience (sustaining your efforts throughout life)

At Jubenescence we don’t mind where you start your journey with us. Whatever your starting point, we will nurture your development. We will provide ongoing guidance and follow up support.

It’s our desire to see you roar into the rest of your life.

Do you want to wander idly into your later years, looking back at the things you wanted to do but didn’t. Or will you run wildly into them screaming about all the great things you’ve done and achieved?

Designing life’s Possibilities.

During this course, couples or individuals gain deeper self-awareness about themselves and each other alongside workshop activities to really challenge and provoke possibilities and ways forward in life.

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Physical Health and Well Being

These courses are designed to establish long term commitment to fitness and nutrition. We know that by investing in our bodies now we will be the best we can be in our future life.

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Proactive Resilience

In this course we understand, evaluate and strengthen your response to adversity so you can proactively manage life’s challenges to be both effective and well on your journey ahead. It’s all about sustaining your intentional efforts throughout life.

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Planning and goal setting has never been a strong point, which can create a feeling of aimlessness, or a lack of direction in life.  I felt that I was at risk of drifting, without even realising it, and living a life of unfulfilled potential and happiness.

I joined JUBENESENCE because I wanted to become clearer about the things that inspire me and create meaning in my life, so that I could bring these more into focus in my everyday life of work and family.

This course has helped to shine a light on my natural strengths and weaknesses, to identify my key values and the things that spark joy, bring energy and meaning in my life, which has been truly enlightening. The course has also opened my eyes to ways of easily adding short, simple and effective exercise into my routine, and building my fitness at home – an unexpected but welcome element of the course.

Paula and Matt have made truly inspirational guides on this voyage of discovery and in creating a life with more intention. I really appreciated their open, friendly and holistic approach and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who may be feeling stuck, or that something is missing in their lives.

Natalie, Designer/ Creative

The opportunity to join Jubenesence couldn’t have come at a better time.  I was considering different career options and it was difficult to know which direction was right.  By establishing my style and, importantly, writing down my values, super-strengths, purpose and what brings me joy, I was able to create a compass to guide me in the right direction.  It was very meaningful, powerful and expertly coached.  The holistic approach was also appreciated so my physical, mental and spiritual self were all included.

Craig Scott, business-owner

Living with intention

Let your journey start now