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Who are we?

Matt and Paula, the founders of Jubenescence both led business and people in the corporate space for over 20 years.

Through their years of business and more recent extensive training in coaching, resilience, coherent breathing and well-being, their passion is to now share this wonderful life-changing experience with others.

Jubenesence is a play on the word Juvenesence which is about becoming young. We believe that becoming young in our mindset, approach and well-being are essential to enable long, meaningful, healthy and happy lives.


Matt Juby spent over twenty years working in the corporate environment, frequently travelling across continents, living in hotels and spending much of the working day in meetings.

He became aware of the impact that a predominantly sedentary lifestyle was having on his health and wellbeing. Improving his exercise and nutritional patterns created an immediate and positive impact on his physical and mental state.

Matt holds a BSc in Physiology, Masters in Marketing and is also a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor. He is a Resilience Practitioner and works with individuals and corporate clients where he uses his experience to take an holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing.

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How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend
our lives



Enabling people lead and live with intention has become Paula’s true passion

Paula spent over 28 years in Corporate Healthcare, leading the commercial business and teams in both the UK and across the world.

In 2016 she studied a Masters in Consulting and Coaching for Change. This took Paula on her own journey of self discovery and realised her passions and the direction that she wanted her life to take. Together with her husband Matt and their family, new chapters unfolded.

As well as being the co-founder of Jubenesence, Paula is a qualified coach and mentor and runs her own company , Escentia Ltd., working with corporate clients across the world. Her focus is to enable business leaders and teams to find clarity of their business goals, discover the type of leader they want to be and find their approach that helps them flourish and thrive.

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