Natalie, Designer/ Creative

Planning and goal setting has never been a strong point, which can create a feeling of aimlessness, or a lack of direction in life. I felt that I was at risk of drifting, without even realising it, and living a life of unfulfilled potential and happiness.

I joined JUBENESENCE because I wanted to become clearer about the things that inspire me and create meaning in my life, so that I could bring these more into focus in my everyday life of work and family.

This course has helped to shine a light on my natural strengths and weaknesses, to identify my key values and the things that spark joy, bring energy and meaning in my life, which has been truly enlightening. The course has also opened my eyes to ways of easily adding short, simple and effective exercise into my routine, and building my fitness at home – an unexpected but welcome element of the course.

Paula and Matt have made truly inspirational guides on this voyage of discovery and in creating a life with more intention. I really appreciated their open, friendly and holistic approach and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who may be feeling stuck, or that something is missing in their lives.

“Come to the edge,” he said.

“We can’t, we’re afraid!” they responded “Come to the edge,” he said.

We can’t, We will fall!” they responded. “Come to the edge,” he said.

And so they came.

And he pushed them.

And they flew.”


Craig Scott, business-owner

The opportunity to join Jubenesence couldn’t have come at a better time. I was considering different career options and it was difficult to know which direction was right. By establishing my style and, importantly, writing down my values, super-strengths, purpose and what brings me joy, I was able to create a compass to guide me in the right direction. It was very meaningful, powerful and expertly coached. The holistic approach was also appreciated so my physical, mental and spiritual self were all included.

Lisa, Specialist Nurse in Public Health

We enrolled on the Jubenesence living with intention course as a couple, the objective being to help to identify our joint goals in life and plan for the future in a meaningful way. We were somewhat sceptical having never done anything like this before, but we were also aware that with our extremely busy lives, without intervention we were in danger of drifting through the next twenty years without achieving some of the goals we have dreamed of in the past. We could not have been in better hands. Paula and Matt are truly passionate about what they do and clearly want the best outcomes for their clients. They gently guide you through their process and manage to put everything into perspective. This is not couples counselling!! But an incidental side effect of the course was a number of ‘lightbulb’ moments that gave us so much insight into each other’s characters and the way we deal with our feelings and emotions differently. After 26 years of very happy marriage this was so surprising to us and amazingly helpful in our decision making process. Paula knows exactly what she is doing and cannot hide her delight as she sees the penny drop!

The Health and fitness part of the course was something I had considered would be a ‘nice extra’! However, another lightbulb moment! We have a lot more life to live, and spending time making plans is pointless without the health and stamina to achieve them. Matt very gently opens your eyes to previously ignored aspects of your health and hands you the very achievable answers on a plate! Amazingly simple ten minute routines that will probably have a huge impact on my quality of life in years to come. And it was fun!

I cannot recommend this course highly enough.


Steve, Senior Project Manager

The Jubenessence journey provided my partner and I with the perfect balance of environment and space to explore, tools and guidance to help focus our thinking and the practical techniques to allow us to prepare for the next steps in our journeys. This is what we had been searching for.

We started our Jubenessence journey knowing we had both reached the point where new challenges and a new direction lay ahead of us. Having both achieved success in our lives we now wanted to re-engage with our inner selves mentally, emotionally and aspirationally to begin planning the next stage of our hundred year lives together.

The Jubenessence journey is carefully designed to create a space for reflection and re-connection with who we really are, even challenging us to prepare for the next part of life’s journey

The Jubenessence journey guides you through a process to fully connect with every aspect of our being with gentle physical exercise and nutritional guidance, meditation and self-assessment of your values and of what really makes you happy.

I fully recommend the Jubenessence journey. We feel fully equipped with the tools and reinvigorated with our connection with our younger selves we are ready for the next stage of life’s adventure together.

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